Welcome to the official Terror Quest blog...This is the home of Maxwell Silver, author of the book Terror Quest from Abuzz Press.

Terror Quest is the story of how two people, people no more powerful than you or I, combine to help bring down a repressive government which came to power through hacked election software. Until they can manage that feat, the people of the great state of Ohio are enduring a religious regime as strict as that imposed by the Taliban. As much as the men suffer, life for the women is ten times harder. 

Life is this hard under the Tariq Shifa, the Road to Recovery from economic crisis:

Rules for Women

  • 1.      Women cannot work outside the home, except for female doctors and nurses, if permission is granted by the local religious council.
  • 2.      Women away from home must be accompanied by a close male relative.
  • 3.      Women cannot deal with a male shopkeeper, or be treated by male doctors.
  • 4.      Women cannot study at any educational institution.
  • 5.      Women cannot appear on balconies.
  • 6.      Women’s pictures are banned from walls, print, and all other art forms.
  • 7.      Women must be modestly covered at all times, including ankles and wrists.
  • 8.      Women must not wear loose clothing, even under robes.
  • 9.      Women cannot wear brightly colored clothes or sexual attractive clothing.
  • 10. Women cannot laugh loudly. No stranger should hear a woman’s voice.
  • 11. Women’s footsteps must be silent, so no high heels are allowed.
  • 12. Women having sex outside marriage will be stoned.
  • 13. Women cannot speak or shake hands with a non-relative male.
  • 14. Women cannot play sports or enter any sports arena.
  • 15. Women must not be seen from outside homes, so windows must be painted.
  • 16. Women must not appear on broadcasts, either radio or television.




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